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Title:Piloting Water Stewardship in Urban Zones
Event type:Side Event
Time:12:15 – 13:15
Convenor:European Water Partnership (EWP)

The Working Group on Urban Areas of the European Water Stewardship Program identified the following challenges:

  • Improving coordination between decision-makers in cities and institutions for implementation of Water Framework Directive (e.g. river basin management boards)
  • Improving coordination and managing the digression of interests, planning and activities between the different public authorities regarding water issues at national, regional and local level
  • Take better into account the fact that the technical approach is often dominated by political interests.

Solutions for these challenges have to be developed in cooperation with cities directly and on-site. The objective of the Water Stewardship Program in Urban Zones is to develop an integrated approach and easily applied tools to mitigate impacts on water resources and establish an efficient operational water management cycle. The ultimate objective is to create positive incentives to change behaviour and practices and to concretely support the goal of the European Commission to achieve Resource Efficiency.

The EWP will present challenges encountered in launching Stewardship in Urban Zones. In the panel discussion, urban organisations, city representatives and urban areas water cycle researchers will present their experiences with launching Integrated Water Management initiatives in Urban Zones, discussing challenges relevant to their particular case. Time will be allocated for an exchange with the audience.

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