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How long should my video be?

The maximum length of the movie is 3 minutes. Entries longer than that will not be accepted.

What file formats are suitable for entering the contest?

You can upload a movie on YouTube and enter the link in the Video Contest app on the Aquawareness FB page.

What age should I be to enter the contest?

Only youngsters between 15-24 can participate in the contest. Teams are not allowed to consist of members outside of this age range.

Do I have to be a European Citizen to participate?

Yes. Entries from outside EU countries will not be accepted.

How do I upload my movie?

All done with you video? Upload your video on YouTube and enter the video at the FB page of Aquawareness:

What is the deadline to submit a video entry?

The deadline for uploading your video is February 28, 2014 11:59 CET.

How many videos can I submit?

One video per person or team is allowed.

Can I send in a power point presentation/audio sample instead of a video?

No, only videos will be accepted as eligible entries.

What happens once I have uploaded my video?

Your video will be available on the FB page of Watch your Water and can be shared by viewers and/or water organizations.

Who holds the copyright of the movies?

The entrant holds the copyright to the movie. The European Water Partnership retains unlimited right to use the submitted video for non-profit public information purposes at no cost, in perpetuity.

I want to make a video, but I don’t speak English. What should I do?

All movies should either have English spoken audio or English. If you have trouble with translating your audio to English, you can think of making an expressive videos without (spoken) audio or use the help of an online translating tool.

How do I add subtitles to my movie?

For adding English subtitles to your movie, you can use a free online subtitle program (for example Aegisub).

I have made an amazing movie! Can I share it with my friends?

Oh yes! You can post your video on your favorite social media sites when you link to the FB page of Aquawareness.

Is it allowed if I play various “famous” songs with an instrument (acoustic version), not singing them?


How will the videos be judged and what will they be evaluated on?

The videos will be judged by an expert Jury. The exact criteria that the judges will use can be found under criteria (please click here).

I have another question!

If your question is not in the FAQ, please contact Aquawareness on Facebook.

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