Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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Speakers and Panellists

TC Thomas VereijkenThomas Vereijken is the Chairman of EWP, until September 2009, he was Director of the Dutch Innovation Bureau for Watertechnology, based at the Netherlands Water Partnership, focusing on the accelerated dissemination of new innovative water technologies.

Tom Vereijken studied food technology and environmental technology following which he worked for over 20 years for technology developing company Paques B.V, focusing on design and performance of industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Besides chairing the EWP, since January 2009 he is the President of the Brussels based European Partners for the Environment. Tom Vereijken received executive MBA-degrees from Nyenrode University (NL) and the University of Rochester (NY) in 1998 and was decorated by the University of Valencia in 1992.

Mikke esittelyynMikael Långström, Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Finland in Belgium

Mikael Långström studied law at the University of Helsinki, specializing in international law. He currently works as Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Finland in Brussels. Prior to his posting at the Embassy he has worked in the multilateral field at Finland’s Permanent Missions both in New York and in Geneva.  He has also worked for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland at the Secretariat for EU Affairs, the Department for Europe, the Department for Africa and the Middle East and the Legal Department.

Adrian_Sym_Stockholm2013_4Adrian Sym, Executive Director, Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)As Executive Director, Adrian Sym leads the pioneering work of the Alliance for Water Stewardship, a partnership amongst some of the world’s leading players in sustainable water resource management. AWS is dedicated to improving the stewardship of our most precious natural resource through the International Water Stewardship Standard, independent verification processes, training and membership. Through its innovative and multi-stakeholder approach, AWS is at the leading edge of driving collective action and consensus-based responses to water risk.

A development and sustainability professional, Adrian joined AWS in 2011 from Fairtrade International. Prior to this, Adrian spent seven years working on disability and development programs in Bangladesh and Nepal.His diverse experience, together with his academic background (Masters in International Policy and Diplomacy), has helped to shape Adrian’s view on sustainable development, believing that true development can only be achieved through effective partnerships amongst and between stakeholder groups.


Jean-Charles Bocquet, Director General, European Crop Protection Association (ECPA)

Jean Charles Bocquet is Director General of ECPA (European Crop Protection Association) – the Brussels-based trade association representing the manufacturers of agrochemicals in Europe – since November 2013. Jean- Charles is French; an agronomist with a specialised degree in Crop Protection. He has spent all of his career in the plant protection sector, at first with Roussel Uclaf (Hoeschst subsidiary) and then at DuPont de Nemours in various assignments from technical development, through registration, marketing, sales and management roles. From 2002 to October 2013, as Director General of the French crop protection association (UIPP) he played a significant role in France in many working groups involving various stakeholders with a strong commitment for promotion and defence of the crop protection industry sector, promoting stewardship, sustainable agriculture and openness in communication.


Jean Louis Cornet, Plant Director, Chaudfontaine


Ola Svending, Environmental Affairs Manager, Stora Enso

Ola Svending is Environmental Affairs Manager at Stora Enso Renewable Packaging.
Besides his daily work at Stora Enso, he is also Chairman of the Board of Swedish EPR system for fibre based packaging – Returkartong and board member of ACE, the Alliance for beverage Cartons and the Environment.  He has worked in Stora Enso since 1997, mainly with Chain-of-Custody, LCA and recycling related issues.
Ola Svending holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Luleå University of Technology and a Licentiate degree in Environmental Systems Analysis from Chalmers University of Technology.

Pete Saunders, Technical Services Manager, Thames Water Commercial Services Limited

Cate Lamb - Corporate Head Shot

Cate Lamb, Head of Water at CDP

As the head of CDP’s water program, Cate is responsible for ensuring that the program remains the gold standard for disclosure of corporate water-related information globally and moves rapidly to deliver significant changes in corporate behaviour to safeguard water resources. With 10 years experience in the environmental and sustainable development fields and a strong technical, scientific and project management background, Cate has successfully led on a range of high profile projects in the healthcare, construction, education, commercial and regeneration sectors. Cate serves as a board member of the Alliance for Water Stewardship and has a BSc in Environmental Science from Lancaster University.


Claire Bramley, Water Stewardship Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature-UK

Claire’s role as Water Stewardship Manager at WWF-UK involves engaging with business to encourage better water management. This includes working collaboratively with businesses to ensure they are protecting and managing natural assets by reforming core business operations, engaging with stakeholders and advocating policy reform.  Claire has a degree in Biology and a background in corporate responsibility, certification and supply chain sustainability. She previously worked for Sainsbury’s first as a Technical Manager in fresh produce and later as Sustainability Manager where she was responsible for the company’s policy on sustainable raw material sourcing.

BDK klein

Brigitte Dittrich-Kraemer, Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF SE

Studied biology at the University of Gießen. After receiving the PhD Thesis in 1988, she held a post doc qualification at the Fraunhofer Institute in Schmallenberg. She joined BASF in 1990 and worked as a specialist for ecotoxicology in the environmental department. In 1998 she started with the development and the implementation of the eco-efficiency analysis tool. 2001 she moved to BASF’s Corporate Sustainability with responsibility for various projects related to different sustainability topics e.g. water.

Pasfoto E Schipper

Eerik Schipper, Deputy Director, Control Union Certifications

As the Deputy Director of Control Union Certifications, Eerik Schipper has an MSc in Agricultural Engineering from Cranfield University, Silsoe, England with a specialization in “Soil and water engineering”. Prior to his position with Control Union, Mr. Schipper was stationed as the Policy Offider and Account Manger of Eastern Europe and Asia for the Dutch Branch of the Potato Industry Organization (NAO).


Joppe Cramwinckel, Director of Water, World Business Council for Sustainable Development WBCSD

Joppe Cramwinckel is Senior Sustainable Development Advisor for Shell International Exploration and Production B.V In 1985 he joined Shell’s Oil Product business in the area of Non Traditional Energy planning and appraisal. After a short spell at the Pernis Refinery and Shell Nederland, he joined the Up-Stream Oil and Gas Business as Environmental Manager for Shell’s activities in Shell and Oman. From 2001-2003 he was part of Shell’s Corporate Sustainable Development team, with a specific focus on integrating Sustainable Development in Shell’s internal decision-making process. In 2003 he became the Shell Issue Manager for Water, which he continued in his current job. In this capacity he represents Shell, among others, on the management team of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Water Project.


Nicola Notaro, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Environment at the European Commission

Dr Nicola Notaro is a qualified Italian lawyer and holds an LL.M in European law (Bruges) and a PhD in environmental law (London).

He is Deputy Head of the Water Unit in DG Environment at the European Commission (EC) and visiting Professor of European Environmental Law at the College of Europe in Bruges.

He has previously worked as Legal Adviser and then Team Leader for the international climate negotiations in DG Environment. He has lectured and published extensively in the field of environmental law (in EN or FR) at the Universities of Maastricht, London, College of Europe Bruges, Montreal, Aarhus, Lille, Milano, VUB Brussels, etc.

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