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2007: Water security conference

“Water Security – does Europe have a Strategy?”

On June 7th the EWP organised the second European Policy Summit on Water: “Water Security – does Europe have a Strategy?”. This event again proved to be a big success with some 250 EU and national policymakers, NGOs and industry leaders engaged in high-level discussions on the challenges created by climate change and inadequate water management.

3rd Session, panoramic

3rd Session, panoramic

The Summit delivered some important results:

  • Water Security has been put on the EU political agenda
  • Awareness on the close connection between water, energy and climate change has been strengthened.
  • The EWP is committed to work on a new ‘water awareness’ needed to address current water scarcity challenges.
  • The creation of an informal Issue Group on water within the European Parliament was announced: the Dolphin Group
  • The WWC announced its request to the EWP to coordinate the European coordination for the fifth World Water Forum

Prof. Gurer talking about the 1st World Water Forum

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