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9:30-10:00Welcome & Introduction Moderator: Fritz Barth

Henner Bunde (Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research)

Fritz Holzwarth (German Federal Ministry for the Environment)

10:00-11:15Water and Airports, Challenges and opportunitiesModerator: Dieter Ernst

Airports and environment: facing realities and future scenarios, Maria Gelin (Swedavia)

Water Stewardship in airports, Sabine von Wiren-Lehr (EWP)

- Open discussion -

11:45-13:00Water stories from airports - Moderator: Sabine von Wirén-Lehr

  • How is water considered in planning, design and during construction?, Neithard Müller (Hyder Consulting)
  • Managing waste water and de-icing in the heart of Europe: the Brussels Airport technical challenge, Stijn De Koninck(The Brussels Airport Company)
  • Integrative technical approaches to deal with water and other resources, Martin Doherty (Dublin Airport)

- Open discussion –

13:00-14:00BUFFET LUNCH
14:00-15:30Breakout Session Moderator: Maria Valle

Table 1: What are the challenges and solutions for water management in airports located in water abundant areas? (Flying north)
Moderator: Helena Svensson (Swedavia)

Table 2: How do we operate under water scarce conditions? (Flying south)
Moderator: Charalambos Panayiotou (Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd)

Table 3: What is the role and perspective of airlines and company operators within the airport regarding sustainable water management? (On the ground)
Moderator: Stijn De Koninck (The Brussels Airport Company)

Table 4: How to manage extreme water situations? (On future horizons)
Moderator: Martin Doherty (Dublin Airport)

16:00-17:00Conclusions and wrap-upModerator: Fritz Barth

Presentation of each table’s outcomes by table moderator

Reflections on the day

Open discussion

Concluding remark by Fritz Barth, Vice Chairman of European Water Partnership (EWP)


09:00Joint departure from Messe Berlin, Entrance South
10:00-11:30Workshop (InterCity Hotel) Moderator: Fritz Barth

  • Challenges and innovation on water management in the airport sector, Maria Valle (European Water Partnership)
  • General Planning of the Supply and Disposal Systems for the Airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER), Gabriele Church (IPRO Dresden)
  • How is water considered in planning, design and during construction; Case Study International Airport Berlin-Brandenburg BER, Neithard Müller (Hyder Consulting GmbH)
  • Surface Water Management at the Airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER) by Using Online Monitoring Systems, Werner Arts (LAR Process Analysers AG)

-Open Discussion-

11:45-14:00Guided tour by bus (Erich Wurth, BER Airport)

  • STOPP 1: Visit of the info tower & terminal
  • STOPP 2: Visit of the pumping stations
  • STOPP 3: Visit of the Runways
14:30Return to Messe Berlin, Entrance South

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