Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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BASF’s commitment to EWS and sustainable water management

Sustainability Coordination of BASF: “For the chemical industry water is a very important resource that is used for many essential processes such as cooling, cleaning or as a solvent in production. The sustainable use of water and conservation of natural water resources are therefore of great concern to us.

Just like many other companies, we are increasingly asked from different stakeholders to provide information about our water use. Investors for example support the CDP’s Water Disclosure Project, requesting details of water related risks or water use efficiency measures. To adequately address all the different stakeholder expectations we feel that the new European Water Stewardship (EWS) approach serves as a valuable tool.

BASF played a significant role in developing the EWS system as the new voluntary industry standard which was officially introduced in Brussels end of November. Before its introduction, BASF tested the system in a pilot at theVerbund site in Ludwigshafen. This pilot gave first-hand experience of the implementation process and thereby provided BASF with a clearer view of sustainable water management.

BASF will launch sustainable water management systems on the basis of the EWS standards at all sites which are located in “water stress areas” – meaning in areas where water is a scarce good. We expect the EWS standard to be a valuable tool for BASF to evaluate and check the sustainability of our water management and hope that the standard will receive support by other companies and political leaders internationally.”

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