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STREAM Seminar

State of the Art in Urban Water Management – bringing politics and research together to implement innovative solutions.

Amsterdam International Water Week – 1 November, 1400-1730

2011 marked the year in which for the first time more than half of the world’s population lived in cities. Cities which face very specific water challenges, which made “Water for Cities, Responding to the Urban Water Challenge” the theme of the 2011 UN World Water Day. Challenges for cities include the supply of water to an ever growing population, in ever growing cities; the management of waste streams; the management of run-off of floods and storm-water; sanitation and the ecological stress a large city place on its surrounding area.

Over the last years extensive research into this area has been carried out, and policies to manage the challenges have been developed. The current challenge is to bring this research and policies better together, focusing on implementing practical solutions. For the STREAM project, supported by the European Commission DG Research, this is one of the primary objectives: to bring politicians and research together to make sure that policies are based on the latest research, research is policy driven, and together they focus on the practical implementation of solutions.

During the Amsterdam International Water Week 2011, the STREAM project will organise its first Policy Seminar: “State of the Art in Urban Water Management”. This Policy Seminar will be divided into two parts. Part 1 will show the current state of European policy and research developments, while Part 2 will focus on the practical implementation of sustainable water management in cities and the challenges for implementation on the political, technical and economical level.

Both sessions include a set of presentations and an interactive debate. Presentations include:

Session 1: Policy and Research developments

  • Keynote : Overview of the challenges of urban water management: Arnaud Pinxteren, Member of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • SWITCH – Overview of the current state of research on urban water management: Chris Jefferies, University of Abertay, Urban Water Technology Center
  • DAnCE 4 Water – Dynamic Adaptation for eNabling City Evolution for Water:  Wolfgang Rauch, University of Innsbruck
  • THESEUS: Innovative Technologies for safer European Coasts in a Changing Climate – first findings on urban areas: Wout de Vries, INFRAM
  • Ambition meets Reality – The transition from research to policy in practice:  Frans van de Ven, Deltares

Session 2: Sustainable Water Management in Cities in practice – challenges for implementation

  • European Water Stewardship Program – Urban Areas: Murray Biedler, EWP
  • Practical examples on the challenges of implementing urban water management:
  • GreenClimeAdapt project (LIFE+), Malmo:  Stefan Milotti
  • Tallinn (Estonia): Ian Plenderleith
  • Rybnyk (Poland): Jan Bondaruk
  • Rotterdam (The Netherlands): Corjan Gebraad

To download the full program, please click here.

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