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EWS side event

European Water Stewardship – the practical tool for implementing sustainable water management in Industry and Agriculture

2 November 2011, 11.30 – 13.00, International Water Week, Amsterdam

Sustainable water management is of increasing importance for private water users in industry and agriculture around the world. The motivation to manage water more sustainable can have different reasons: the need to limit the costs of water-use; the necessity to reduce risks related to the availability of water or the wish to shape the company’s profile among its clients and stakeholders.

The concept of European Water Stewardship (EWS) is a driving force to promote sustainable water management in water-using companies across sectors. Water Stewardship is being developed globally, with initiatives in North-America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe joining forces in the worldwide “Alliance for Water Stewardship” (AWS).

Within Europe, the European Water Partnership (EWP) has set up the European regional Water Stewardship initiative. Started by the EWP and its partners in 2008, the European Water Stewardship program currently provides a comprehensive scheme to promote, advice and implement sustainable water management in industry, agriculture and urban areas. The EWS scheme includes a standard which covers all aspects of operational water management in a river basin context and an evaluation system that enables monitoring the performance of companies in terms of water management. The implementation of the EWS has been pilot-tested on-site in leading industries and farms in 2010 and 2011.

This session firstly aims to explain the concept of European Water Stewardship and its potential to concretely improve the operational sustainable water management of companies in different sectors. Secondly, the results of a number of pilot-studies will be presented, as practical examples of Water Stewardship and its benefits.

Presentations include:

  • European Water Stewardship (EWS) – a practical tool for European water users to implement sustainable water management – Tom Vereijken, Chairman European Water Partnership
  • Practical examples of implementing EWS – benefits and challenges:
  1. Agriculture – VEGRAS – Stefanie Mahieu
  2. Food and Beverage – Coca-Cola Company – Ulrike Sapiro
  3. Chemical sector – BASF – Brigitte Dittrich-Krämer
  4. Brewery sector – Bavaria – Marthijn Junggeburt

To download the final program, please click here.

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