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Interview Details

Interview with Dr. Andreas Hutarew

  • Managing Director, Dr. Hutarew & Partner International (DHPI)
  • Dated: Tuesday, May 3rd 2011

  • EWP: The efficient use of water and energy is dynamically linked. Do you think that the interlinkages between water systems and energy sectors are still an issue or already enough addressed?


    Dr. Hutarew: Interlinkages require constant improvement if one does not want to risk standstill. Efficiently and effectively interlinking the handling of water and use of energy will remain an issue from a qualitative and quantitative aspect. In the EU we have just begun to initiate efficient ways of saving every drop of water but we are still far away from having a similar mindset when it comes to intelligent ways of using and applying energy. Water basically gives us food and health, while energy enables a person’s better life. Those challenges still remain. Water storage, its use for irrigation, potable water and industrial purposes are all linked to the production and the use of energy but not yet generating cycles.



    EWP: The Water Framework Directive (WFD)  aims at protecting and improving the water status of the water bodies withing the member state countries. As an expert in hydropower, do you think that there is a conflict of interests between hydropower and the WFD’s goal of good ecological status? If yes, would it be possible to make hydropower more sustainable and eco-friendly?

    Dr. Hutarew: We need to understand that we have a global responsibility to maintain our environment and wildlife, the ecological evolution. The WFD’stgoal of protecting and improving water bodies within the member states does not exclude hydropower development. Unfortunately, there is an imbalance right now, due to partial handling of the WFD. Hydropower remains one of the important green energy segments worldwide. “Hydropower and WFD spirit” will jointly, if implemented correctly aim at improving the quality of water bodies. Hydropower experts and eco-specialists should always keep in mind that the use of hydropower does not exclude ecology either. Hydropower not only provides green energy but can as well help to finance and improve ecology in the long run.



    EWP: The European Commission declared 2012 the European Year of Water and will consider new measures to decrease water consumption in buildings and other areas after a major review of current EU water legislation. From your point of view, what are the main challenges to be addressed during the European Year of Water? Is the EU’s activity in the water area effective?


    Dr. Hutarew: A review of EU water legislation is long overdue and most definitely welcomed. The main question that remains is whether the control mechanisms of implementing water and energy policies within the member countries are efficient. Water knows no borders and has no knowledge of political concerns.


    Improving awareness has to be a priority. Unless the majority of human population senses the bitterness of lack of water, the EU may not achieve its goals and objectives in the short term. People should understand to use as little as possible water for washing their dishes, use the least possible amount of detergents, shower for as short as possible and be aware of the importance of potable and safe water. We need to create awareness, educate our children, motivate our industry leaders and emphasize that natural water cannot be replaced. If the EU achieves creating more and more awareness, the long-term vision of decreasing water consumption and thus securing the future of the children can be achieved, not only within Europe.



    EWP: Thank you for the interview.
  • Dr. Andreas Hutarew
  • Managing Director, Dr. Hutarew & Partner International (DHPI)
  • Dr. Andreas Hutarew is the Managing Director of the international engineering consulting firm Dr. Hutarew & Partner International (DHPI). Before taking over his father’s business in 1986, Dr. Hutarew worked for the Austrian state owned electricity company “Draukraftwerke”, where he learned his business properties inside and out. Research in the Hydraulic lab of the University of Stuttgart was another milestone on which his Hydro passion was based. As a lecturer at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Hutarew continues to share his passion - which he gained from his academic teachers - with future generations. Moving future challenges in Hydro remains one of his goals. The highly reputed engineering services delivered by the company carry the footprint and engineering properties of the founder. Furthermore, Dr. Hutarew recently joined the EWP Board of Advice. Since April 2011, DHPI is an honorary member of the European Water Partnership.
"Water knows no borders and has no knowledge of political concerns"

- Dr. Andreas Hutarew
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