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Civil Society

Civil Society and the Need for a Mindset Change on Water Use

A long history of devaluation and mismanagement of our world’s water resources has led to the rapid exploitation of freshwater sources. Intensified by an increase in population, economic activity and climate change, the longevity of water resources is at threat. For organizations working to protect the interests of the local citizens; the links between day-to-day water management practices and sustainable development are critical. The need for effective policy enforcement at river basin level plays a major role in ensuring balance between the two.

Bringing the Actors Together

For civil society, the strength in promoting sustainable water management lies in the voices of the masses, with water users from all sectors and backgrounds working together to effect broad, long-lasting improvements to water quality. Civil society acts as a central player in bringing together a wide base of water users as a base of educated leaders to promote sustainable water management.

Conducive partnerships between actors on river basin level provides the necessary incentives to move towards sustainable water management. These partnerships target limited resources in the most efficient manner to achieve river basin objectives in terms of quality and quantity.

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