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Water Management Challenges for European Businesses

Businesses are faced with a number of very real liabilities associated to their water use including physical, regulatory, financial and reputational risks. These risks directly impact their operations and business costs, but also to a certain degree their credibility with investors and the communities in which they operate.

Investors increasingly look for a higher environmental performance from companies to protect operations against possible water related impacts. The Financial Times estimates that €65 billion worldwide has been spent on investing in infrastructure to address physical shortages or to show stakeholders their commitment to the future sustainable management of these resources.

Businesses as Leaders in Sustainable Water Management

To protect corporate and brand reputability, and attain a license to operate and grow, companies are looking to be ahead of the game in sustainable water management. In this sense, businesses are looking for innovative means to ensure holistic water risk management, while optimizing their investments on water use.

Some companies are exploring opportunities to engage in profitable collective actions on river basin level while others are communicating water stewardship achievements to stakeholders to reinforce positive corporate sustainability reputation.

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