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Managing Water Resources in the Agricultural Sector

Farmers face real challenges as stewards of European natural resources, from land, soil, water and biodiversity. With agriculture responsible for a third of Europe’s water use, farmers are key players in sustainable river basin management.

Given the essential nature of water to agricultural production, farmers have a special interest to address current and future water risks in order to assure the integrity of their businesses. Water availability, quality and energy costs or subsidies must be considered for short and long-term planning on a farm.

Agricultural Water Users Taking Action

Farmers are looking to reduce water losses from their farms while maintain high production and competitiveness. By evaluating all aspects of water management on the farm they are realizing cost effective, innovative solutions for water management.

Furthermore, agriculture water users are finding real value in exploring opportunities to share investments between farmers. The sector has come a long way in incorporate water-related risks into their business plans in order to prepare the farming sector to become leaders in protecting water resources.

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