Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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Archive for November 2011

EWP Workshop “Blueprint policy options and recommendations”, Brussels, Belgium

| Nov 29th, 2011

Policy roundtable & Networking reception: European Dialogue On Climate Change Adaptation – Water-Energy

| Nov 28th, 2011

DESIRAS stakeholder event in Estepa, Spain

| Nov 25th, 2011

The European Water Stewardship launched today in Brussels

| Nov 24th, 2011

DESIRAS Stakeholder meeting Cyprus – 18 November, Nicosia, Cyprus

| Nov 19th, 2011

REMINDER: Think tank meeting – “Europe and the Global Blue Economy: Oceans, New Frontier, Sustainable Use”

| Nov 18th, 2011

European Climate Change Adaptation Platform: “Water-Energy” – Policy Roundtable and Networking Reception

| Nov 16th, 2011

STREAM e-Learning course has officially started: you are invited to register online

| Nov 10th, 2011

Reminder: European Water Stewardship Launch “A vision becomes reality”. Register now!

| Nov 8th, 2011

IWW Amsterdam: STREAM Policy Seminar on Urban Water Management

| Nov 3rd, 2011

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