Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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Entries Under: EWP News

Along with GrupsApp how to explain your app to developers on odesk

| Feb 7th, 2018

Looking Back at 2017-A Letter from the EWP Team

| Jan 2nd, 2018

US$295 billion Needed in the Water Sector for Sufficient Climate Change Adaptation 

| Dec 1st, 2017

ABP Achieves First Multi-Site Certification of EWS for its Irish Plants

| Nov 29th, 2017

European Commission Promotes More Flexible Approaches in the Revised CAP

| Nov 29th, 2017

Time to Digitize Water Stewardship

| Nov 29th, 2017

ECO-OS and EWS announce partnership to ‘digitize’ Water Stewardship

| Nov 22nd, 2017

EWS Symposium ‘Water & Health’ launches MediClean

| Nov 1st, 2017

EWS Members’ Council Approves Revisions to EWS Standard

| Oct 24th, 2017

EWP Annual Event Highlights Engagement Needed to Support Public Policy Goals

| Oct 6th, 2017

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