Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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17.09.2014: Main priorities for water under the Juncker Commission. Read more

13.01.2014: Looking ahead in 2014 – A message from the EWP Chairman. Read more

06.12.2013: Blue Planet Session at Global Forum for Agriculture: Water Stewardship – A key to food security. Read more

05.12.2013: New collaborations to strengthen European Water sector. Read more

05.04.2013: Register now for EWP co-organized conference “Airports as water stewards.” Read more

22.03.2012: In celebration of World Water Day – New EWS video. Read more

02.11.2012: Save the Date – EWP conference “The Blueprint and its impacts on the regions. Read more

26.11.2012: EWP welcomes the clear rationale of the Blueprint. Read more

18.10.2012: Friedrich Barth – “The EWP is about real partnerships.” Read more

15.05.2012: EWP & EWS at Green Week 2012. Read more

22.03.2012: “The Voice of Water”: EWP publishes special newsletter edition on World Water Day. Read more

21.03.2012: Youth acts for water at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille. Read more

27.09.2011: EWP stakeholder consultation “Blueprint Policy options & recommendations.” Read more

17.03.2011: Join the savewater! Awards. Read more

06.04.2011: Conference in Budapest: Discussing the futures of European Waters. Read more

05.04.2011: 10th European Youth Parliament on Water declares: “We want to be proactive instead of reactive.” Read more

04.03.2011: 10th Euroepean Youth Parliament on Climate Change and Water. Read more

o4.12.2010: Water, Climate …. Action! Winners of the short film contest are announced. Read more

o3.11.2010: – Join the portal for smart water campaigners. Read more

20.09.2010: Aquawareness Photo Competition Winner Oxana in Brussels. Read more

19.05.2010: Aquawareness Policy Forum 2010 – Final report available. Read more

23.04.2010: Aquawareness project wins Energy Globe Award. Read more

23.03.2010: Aquawareness Policy Forum – Open dialogues and better communication needed. Read more

17.03.2010: European Youth Summit on Water opened in Brussels. Read more

30.06.2009: First Anniversary of the Launch of Aquawareness and the Water Vision for Europe. Read more

05.02.2009: Women for Water Partnership becomes strategic partner. Read more

26.01.2009: Workshop on Water Vision in Vienna. Read more

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