Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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The overall objective of INNOWATER is to establish and implement a water innovation partnership that develops and tests new and better innovation support tools and delivery mechanisms for innovative SMEs and first-user industries in order to:

  • Bridge the gap between research, innovators in the (international) market and the potential users of innovative technologies
  • Address the mismatch between the development of technologies and the demands of the water-using industry; many technologies are being developed from a technology push perspective instead of meeting the existing demands of their markets

The approach of INNOWATER is demand-driven and based on a bottom-up approach. This results in a large amount of companies and innovation intermediaries that are actively involved in the project and benefit directly. Building on the needs of the companies, the following activities and tools in the project are specifically targeted to address actual demands:

  • Developing a complete and targeted set of tools and activities to assist innovative companies to bring their technology to the market and test these tools with SME’s in the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Spain;
  • Developing a water audit in cooperation with the EWP European Water Stewardship to assist water-using industry in identifying their challenges and finding solutions and test this audit throughout Europe;
  • Actively bringing innovators and water users together to match challenges with solutions in events like the water technology road shows and water information days
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