Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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INNEON aims to arrange quality agreements between innovators and investors, which will bring eco-innovative ideas to the market, thereby triggering a shift towards more eco-innovation in Europe in support of a sustainable European economy.

The INNEON project specific objectives are:

  • Creation of a platform to support and coach selected entrepreneurs and SMEs to reach stage of “investor readiness”;
  • Creation of a pan”European Network of investors and financiers;
  • Exploiting consortium contacts to link to development banks;
  • Leveraging other sources of EU funding;
  • Taking advantage of all ECO initiatives funded by the EC.

The INNEON’s core values and its mission are to:

  • establish a strategically aligned European community of interest focused on the accelerated commercialization of eco and social innovation;
  • provide a uniquely integrated service across the innovation chain from identification and enhancement of viable propositions via the development of investor-ready proposals through to the facilitation of successful deals between investors and innovators;
  • to establish a sustainable European network of selected professionals with a defined interest in eco or social innovation that will continue after the completion of the project and result in a step change in the evolution of the European market.

For more information, please download the INNEON leaflet or visit the website

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