Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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The pavilion’s pneumatic structure is to be seen as a vision in the continuation of extremely material-saving constructions, such as tents or the air domes of the 50s. Only now it is possible, by the development of the latest building materials and corresponding software, to convert nature´s world of ideas, the geometry of the organic and cell composition into constructable architecture. The pavilion is a kit consisting of inflatable elements analogous with biological cell-structures, a milestone in the development of pneumatic architecture. The visual imprint is expressed through an elegant, effortless lightness in a highly transparent lightweight design.

The water drop can be seen symbolically as a societal impulse to contribute to a newly understood awareness and consumer behavior of the individual. The water drop, whose impact on the surface causes waves. The FLOW pavilion, as a water ambassador, symbolizing the theme. Metaphorically, tangibly, sensually. FLOW stages a multimedia communication concept in this pavilion. The outer layer is a translucent membrane, which acts as a media façade for various – inner and outer – light installations. Through the ground floor the visitor reaches the orchestration of a water world.

Inside the pavilion the journey into the world of water begins, which will enchant and delight everybody. The interior space includes 3 levels, which are connected to each other by circular ramps. The first floor, with its flexible furnishing, offers the opportunity for different types of events: gala dinner, panel discussions with
lectures, conferences and artistic presentations such as music or ballet performances. Active zones are designed by contemporary artists and provide a platform to stage the water issue as well as present solutions for business and economy.

Technical basis data:
Dimensions: approx. 22 x 18 m
Area: approx. 600-700 sqm

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