Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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Get involved

The funding of the FLOW pavilion is based on sponsorship.

Attractive sponsorship options:

Co-financing of the FLOW pavilion

Distinctive and complex value for partners:

  • Exceptional visibility (exhibition and logo presence) on the object itself and the media marketing.
  • A unique platform with multi-media marketing modules for a variety of use, which range from edutainment to an art concept to rentable space for events.
  • By having strong ties to international scientists, companies, financial experts and politicians, Flow offers various networking options.

Operational and strategic advantages:

  • FLOW offers access to benchmark methods in the area of water management.
  • A tool, for the visibility of preventative risk management in multinational companies who, for instance, operate production facilities in countries where water is scarce.

If you are interested in joining this innovative project, please contact Stefanie Joergens at

  • Clustering for the development of innovative methods and their implementation.
  • Scaling, where practical solutions in the microcosm can be transferred to further companies and industries, in order to reduce water pollution and wasteful use of water.
  • FLOW acts as an active image contribution to the reputation management of companies as a visible partner and sponsor.
  • The global water supply as a production and growth factor is a crucial investment into the future of all businesses!
  • Only companies who have tied sustainable water management to their code of conduct are adequate partners or sponsors for FLOW.
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