Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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What people are saying

“Almost 60% of Global 500 companies using CDP to guide their response to water challenges have already experienced water-related detrimental business impacts such as supply chain disruption, brand damage, or operational delays. Water Stewardship is increasingly recognized by our investors as a means to confidently manage local water challenges and mitigate substantive business risks.”
-Cate lamb. CDP.

“Water Stewardship is an approach to address future competition in the sector, with Thames Water introducing ädded value and work programs built around the concept. In this sense, Water Stewardship is an alternative to more expensive approaches.”
-Pete Saunders. Thames Water Commercial Services Limited.

“Stora Enso perceiveds Water Stewardship to bring all elements of assessing water management together, while allowing the company to develop a competitive business model, transforming it from a European pulp and paper company to a value creating, growth markets renewable-materials company.”
-Ola Svending. Stora Enso.

“The European Commission’s Communication on the Blueprint to Safeguard Eropean Water Resources reported on the status of WFD implementation while a number of concrete tools to reach sustainable water management. Water Stewardship was amongst the number of actions recommended to achieve these goals”.”

-Nicola Notaro, DG Environment at the European Commission

“Global corporates such as BASF, Nestlé and General Mills are examples of companies faces with multi-local crises, crises with different characteristics and different drivers, which in turn require context specific solutions. These companies are turing to Water Stewardship to address potential production-related risks and impacts to their supply chain.”

-Adrian Sym. Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)

“Being involved in initiatives such as the European Water Stewardship (EWS) is proving to be the right path towards creating long-term solutions for a more sustainable water management in Europe. Through the development of the EWS, it is also supporting water users to ferment private-public initiatives towards the delivery of water related services provided by landowners and managers.”

-Ana Rocha. European Landowners Organization (ELO)

“Companies are increasingly asked from different stakeholders to provide information about their water use. The European Water Stewardship (EWS) standard is an answer to address the different stakeholder expectations. 2010 we were one of the companies participating in the initial EWS pilot program with our site in Ludwigshafen. Now BASF has set itself a new corporate goal to establish sustainable water management in production sites located in areas of water stress, based on the EWS standard”.
-Dr. Brigitte Dittrich-Krämer, BASF

“The EWS is a great answer for those who need a reliable and widely consulted certification scheme on sustainable water use. As the first EWS approved certification body Control Union Certifications (CUC) is aligned with the objectives of EWS and promoting the scheme as part of our certification services”.

-Gyorgyi Acs, Control Union Certifications (CUC)

“For UPM, aiming to integrate bio and forest industries, water is one of the most important resources. It is essential for growing trees, for generating steam and for the paper-making processes. It is for this reason, that UPM is extremely interested in evaluating water management systems. With the EWS pilot project for the UPM Hürth site, UPM had applied and learned from an extensive water management approach, examining the effect of its business from a water basin point of view.”

- Kaisa Herranen. UPM

EWS Testimonial Brochure

Created for the EWS Launch event, this document outlines the short history and goals of EWS, as well as its structure, benefits and future application including support from the European Commissioner for Environment of the European Union, Dr. Janez Potocnik.

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