Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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Participate in a training

EWS has an integrative training unit in order to foster and educate the next Water Stewardship experts throughout consultancies, certification bodies, businesses and associations. This training unit is responsible for ensuring the integral implementation of EWS and raising awareness on the EWS standard and Water Stewardship. Here’s what some people had to say about the EWS trainings:

“Very engaging trainers answered all my questions thoroughly and created an open environment for discussion.”

“The session on the concept of Water Stewardship was by far the most valuable for me including exercises which allowed me to dig deeper into what that concept means.”

“I very much appreciated being able to become more familiar with the EWS standard and its implementation in an interactive manner.”

NEW: Introduction to the EWS Standard E-Learning

This e-learning course provides a quick overview of water stewardship and its key principles; outlines the concept and context for water stewardship; and describes the European Water Stewardship (EWS) standard - a tool to help implement sustainable water management practices on-site.

The course is divided into topics explaining each of the four core principles of the EWS standard and their associated criteria and indicators. The course also provides practical steps on how to become a good water steward and what steps are involved in achieving EWS standard certification. A course certificate of achievement is available upon successful completion of the course and included assessment.

Learn more about the E-Learning Module here.

EWS can also provide sector specific e-learning modules for you! Contact us for more information at:

Foundations of Water Stewardship

This general training provides participants from the public and private sector with profound knowledge on Water Stewardship: from concept and its principle,  to its implementation in Europe. The training is open to anyone looking to delve into the trends surrounding water stewardship and gain insights into the tools available to improve on-site water management, in particular the benefits of the EWS standard implementation.

Learn more here.

EWS Specialist Training

The EWS Specialist Training is a compulsory first step to becoming either an EWS Approved Certification Body or an EWS Recommended Consultancy Organization, which allows auditors to certify their clients against the EWS standard and for consultancy organizations to provide gap analysis and trainings on the EWS system.

Learn more here.

All trainings are held at either our offices in Brussels, Belgium or at our training center in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

EWS brings the trainings to you!

Are you interested in bringing members of your company or association up to speed on the best Water Stewardship practices and trends? Want to know more about the EWS approach and how it works? EWS now offers on-site trainings and webinars to give you a first look at how to improve your own water management and the way forward to becoming a Water Steward.

Interested in participating, organizing a webinar or having a training come to you? Register here!

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