Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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Partner in my River Basin

Collective Actions Promoting Water Stewards in Agriculture (CAPWaSA)

The aim of the Water Framework Directive is to achieve ‘a good ecological status of Europe’s waters by 2015’. However to date, measures taken to reach the target have proved to be largely ineffective. With 50% of waterbodies failing  status, and as a principal water user in Europe, the agricultural sector has an essential role in stewarding aquatic ecosystems. More than ever before, the right policy solutions and support systems are needed to help farmers implement the best agricultural practices.

A new multi-stakeholder plaform for Collective Actions Promoting Water Stewards in Agriculture (CAPWaSA) encourages the development of new collective action partnerships in European river basins to improve water management at catchment level. The platform involves actors from industry, agriculture and civil society to develop and disseminate lessons learned and best practices from these partnerships.

Learn more here.

Take Action

By joining CAPWaSA you will interact with other established river basin partnership and get connected with  organizations and individuals who are looking for partners to set up a concrete water improvement projects. Participation in this multi-stakeholder platform grants you support and access too:

  • Information about best practices from major players from the agriculture and water sectors across Europe;
  • Webinars to learn more about how started setting up your own catchment project;
  • Field visits to evaluate potential catchments;
  • Organize river basin workshops to identify and bring together policy officials, water managers, private companies and farmer groups;
  • Apply the EWS standard to your best practice example;
  • Promotion of your existing projects via the annual conferences and workshops;
  • Evaluating local financial mechanism options for funding your project;

Contact Cristina Brabybn: for more information.

Water Action Hub

The Water Action Hub is the result of an existing collaboration between the CEO Water Mandate and the United Nations Environment Program, coordinated by EWP. This tool serves to facilitate further collective actions by enabling users to search for one another based on their interests and creating opportunities to build partnerships amongst regional actors.

The users of the Hub can then identify potential collective action opportunities via four primary entry points: river basins, organizations, projects, and collaboration action areas. This enables projects to work together with other projects they’ve identified and utilize collective action to achieve their desired outcomes

Visit and create a profile for your project. Once completed you can begin to search for projects that match your own organisations’ criteria.

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