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Apply EWS in my operations

This step-by-step overview below demonstrates the continuous improvement process that water stewards go through on their journey towards a more sustainable water management.


EWS approach provides water users with a ready to use assessment of the the current state of your operational water management. It can be used as an internal gap analysis or as a third party verification of your water management performance.

Thee EWS Team and EWS Recommended Consultancy are available to provide you with step-by-step guidance in implementing the EWS standard your operations or to prepare you for your audit by a EWS Approved Certification Body.


Implementing the EWS standard with the EWS Team or Recommended Consultancy, otherwise known as a EWS Pre-screening, provides an integrative evaluation of the water management performance with the following deliverables:

  • Gap analysis on strong and weak points as well as all risks related to water management.
  • Assessment of the compliance with the EWS standard principles.
  • Proposal for tailored response strategies achieving the highest positive impact on the referring watershed.

Benefit for organizations

A EWS pre-screening study:

  • Gives you a clear and complete assessment of your operational water risks.
  • Guides you on your journey to improve your water management performance in your river-basin context.
  • Supports you in integrating all your water activities into a tailored water management strategy.
  • Provides evidence for communication of your water activities.
  • Anticipates the integration of EU water policy in your business strategy.


The EWS Team or Recommended Consultancy Organization will:

  • Coordinate and manage the pre-screening study.
  • Provide the EWS standard and all referring guidance documents.
  • Give technical support during the entire study.
  • Provide advice on whether to go for EWS certification.
  • Complete a training session on the EWS standard on-site.
  • Provide a pre-screening report.

For more information about exploring possibilities to implement the EWS standard in your organization please contact Maria Valle at

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