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EWS Standard

The core part of EWS, the EWS standard, is the result of an international, multi-stakeholder process that enables European businesses to assess, verify and communicate responsible Water Stewardship  practices.

The EWS standard addresses the implementation of Water Stewardship at site level, with a strong focus on understanding and engaging in the local river basin, as water users share risks and opportunities related to good or poor water resource management. It is also valuable for companies wishing to promote responsible Water Stewardship practices within their  investments. The use of the EWS standard is embedded in a structural system verified by recognized certification bodies and accredited auditors.

Download the EWS Standard

About the EWS Standard

The EWS standard is divided into 4 core principles with 14 criteria and 53 indicators covering the following areas of sustainable water management:

  • Achieve and maintain sustainable water abstraction in terms of water quantity.
  • Ensure the achievement and maintenance of good water status in terms of chemical quality and biological elements.
  • Restore and preserve water-cycle related High Conservation Value (HCV) areas
  • Achieve equitable and transparent water governance.

These indicators are divided into:

MAJOR -Necessary for compliance.

MINOR- Organization can choose which to comply with.

RECOMMENDATION- Proposed as continuous improvement measures, as they generally require more time for compliance.

EWS Multi-Site and Catchment Group Scheme

The EWS MS&CG Scheme aims to facilitate EWS certification by a group of water users in a shared catchment or a group of production sites by establishing an Internal Control System which ensures EWS compliance. Download the EWS MS&CG Scheme here and the EWS MS&CG Scheme Guideline here.

EWS Glossary

The EWS Glossary accompanies the EWS standard in order to provide clarifications regarding the language of the standard. Download the EWS Glossary here.

Certification Outline

For more information about how to use the EWS standard please see the EWS Certification Outline.

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