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Thematic process

In March 2007 representatives from a wide range of organizations gathered for the 5th World Water Forum kick-off meeting and identified the main water-related challenges faced by humanity today. These challenges became the six main themes for the 5th World Water Forum and three to five topics were identified under each theme.

The thematic process for the 5th World Water Forum is using a “pyramid” approach: all themes, topics and sessions will ultimately lead to the achievement of a clear set of experiences, recommendations and commitments for action on bridging water divides among actors, sectors and among the present and future generations.

Scheme World Water Forum

The Forum programme framework was developed by the programme Committee and specifies the aim, themes and topics, which are as follow:


  • Global Changes and Risk Management
  • Advancing human Development and the MDGs
  • Managing and Protecting water resources and their supply systems to meet human and environmental needs


  • Governance and Management Finance
  • Education, Knowledge and Capacity Building

Thematic Coordinators were identified for each theme: their role was to develop within a thematic consortium the respective theme, topics and sessions to identify and share experiences and actions bridging the gaps between actors, sectors, regions and generations of relevance for the theme and to formulate recommendations, commitments and actions to further build these bridges.

Please see the list of the Thematic Coordinators here.

The full programme of the Forum is available on the website of the World Water Forum.

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