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European Regional Document

The European Regional Document is one of the main outcomes of the European Regional Process. It describes the Process and gives detailed information on the eight themes of the European Process. It gives an overview of the status on the theme in Europe and the developments since the last Forum in Mexico; it lists the challenges that still remain; gives recommendations to address these challenges and key messages to benefit other regions.

The Regional Document has been written by the thematic coordinators with the help of hundreds of organisations and individuals, who are listed in annex 1 of the Regional Document, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks.

To make sure the messages of the Regional Document can be spread as widely as possible, the executive summary has been translated in 21 European and global languages. These translations have been written by individuals and organisations within the ERP. A large task, for which we would like to thank all of the authors who are mentioned in the respective documents. We would like to especially thank the GWP-CEE who took care of the 11 Eastern European translations.

The summaries can be downloaded below.

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