Committed to the Water Vision for Europe by initiating, supporting and enhancing initiatives and projects, giving water a common voice in Europe.
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CAPWaSA Platform

Collective Actions Promoting Water Stewards in Agriculture

With over 50% of European waterbodies failing to meet good ecological status, locally based partnerships among water users play an important role in addressing those water-related challenges which cannot be solved independently. As a primary water user in Europe, the agricultural sector has an essential role in stewarding aquatic ecosystems. This renders farmers the main partners in protecting Europe’s water water security. The gambit of interventions needed to address the agricultural sector to foster positive change in the water sector is widespread and ranges from a change in policy to water management practices adaptation practices and establishing support and stewardship systems.

Water stewardship in particular is seen as essential to drive the engagement needed to see real, long-term impacts on water management. Water stewards set themselves apart by engaging in the implementation of collective measures for improved water management allows farmers, industry, civil society, water authorities and utilities to jointly benefit from resources while providing long term benefits for society as a whole by accelerating the achievement of good water status under the EU Water Framework Directive.

A new multi-stakeholder plaform for Collective Actions Partnerships Promoting Water Stewards in Agriculture (CAPWaSA) brings together successful river basin partnerships to share exchange knowledge and stimulate the broad uptake of collective action partnerships in Europe river basins that improve water management. The platform grants visibility to the most impactful partnerships and uses their concrete best practice examples to drive change in EU policy-making on agriculture.

Read more about the platform’s objectives here.

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