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The BIOMOMI project (”BIO-MOnitoring and Automatic Microbiological Contamination Control System of Industrial Hydraulic Circuits”) is validating and demonstrating a new technology that allows the real time monitoring and quantifying of aerobic microorganisms present in the water of a hydraulic system, and the subsequent correct dosage and constant optimization of an adequate biocide to minimize these microorganisms. To this end, an industrial-scale prototype of the plant will be constructed and put into operation to demonstrate the technique in two representative Spanish textile companies with very different hydraulic systems, both of whom require disinfection systems: the cooling towers of a finishing company and the air-conditioning system of a weaving company.

This system significantly improves the disinfection management in hydraulic systems and air conditioning systems making the processes more effective, due to the fact that detection is continuous and can be carried out at several installation points. The new method will optimize the biocide amounts to be dosed at any given moment, so extra amounts or extra residual of biocide are reduced (as well as packaging), making the process cheaper and more environmentally-friendly.

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BIOMOMI is funded under the LIFE+ programme of the European Commission

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