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Water Footprint Reporting

Apr 28th, 2009 |

Marriott Hotel, Brussels. Water scarcity and overall water quality is gaining priority for business as the effects of climate change become even more apparent. Limited water availability is a risk to business, it can cause rising material costs, disruptions to supply, increased competition and conflicts with local governments and communities.

Businesses that want to come out on top in the long run need to take their water footprint seriously by becoming proactive in their business strategy and daily operations to ensure long-term profitability.  A water strategy that sets targets for real reductions in supply chain and internal water use will generate cost savings and create indirect benefits for numerous stakeholders.

Companies acting proactively on water management have the opportunity to gain a first-mover advantage on the competition. Join us in Brussels to  seize this market opportunity and be the best prepared to deal with changing government regulations and consumer interests.

This summit will investigate the role of business versus the role of governments, NGOs and consumers and map out the road to shared global standards.

The event is co-organized by the European Water Partnerhsip together with the European Networking Group. As a direct contribution to the event Mrs. von-Viren-Lehr will be giving the master classes on the 5th and Mr. Barth will partecipate in the panel discussion with Mr. Cramwinckel.

For more information please visit the European Networking Group website.

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