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ABP Achieves First Multi-Site Certification of EWS for its Irish Plants

Nov 29th, 2017 |

ABP Food Group has been the first company to become successfully certified under a water stewardship Multi-Site scheme. Thanks to the effort and cost invested by the company to develop an on-line document platform, prepare the group members and thoroughly review their compliance, nine production sites in Ireland attained certification. The audit was composed of an extensive review of the group’s internal procedures combined with a robust assessment of how each site was complying with the EWS standard via site tours and one-to –one interviews with site water champions and key staff involved in the process of water treatment, monitoring and site management.

“We are very pleased that we have achieved the European Water Stewardship accreditation across our entire estate of processing facilities. While this might be a first in Ireland we believe this is something that is hugely important and that all companies should look to do what they can to achieve optimum outputs in terms of sustainability,” said Barry O’Donovan, Environmental and Sustainability Officer, ABP Food Group.  “Water cannot be taken for granted.   ABP Food Group is of the belief that true sustainable water management requires a shift from mere regulatory compliance to the enactment of overall water stewardship.”

“ABP Food Group has proven itself Ireland and in its sector significant contribution in preserving our world’s most important resource by being the first to implement EWS in all of its Irish sites”, says Tom Vereijken, EWS Director. “The future of water resources is dependent on today’s management, requiring that we all act as environmental stewards and advocate for products which are produced responsibly and in harmony with nature.”

“ABP has become an expert on the quality and availability of the water they use and the impact of their operations, they have proven that they are fully compliant with EU water legislation and demonstrated the number of innovative ways they are looking to improve water management”, says Rob Chester, Managing Director, NSF International, UK.

Central Solutions supported ABP Food Group in their objective to establish a verifiable, sustainable water management system. Some of the features of the scheme the company has introduced are:

  • Each of the nine processing facilities extract water from underlying aquifers.
  • all process waters leaving these facilities ultimately return to the water table via Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs), either on-site or municipal.
  • The nine factories are operating, monitored and licenced as per the Industrial Emissions Licencing Regulations.
  • Water consumption will be reduced by 50%

You can learn more about this in this short video here.

As a result of its work to optimise water usage and minimise waste, ABP Food Group has received formal certification across an entire operational division. This allows ABP to demonstrate its proactive approach to resource management and sustainability to customers and suppliers. The independently verified water management system will enhance the company’s market position by demonstrating the commitment to a sustainable supply chain.

The implementation of the European Water Stewardship Multi-Site Standard gives ABP the means to develop and document cost effective water reduction projects, whilst providing a means of third party verification of results and efforts towards the 2020 target to reduce the water consumption by 50% by 2020.

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