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EWP and AWS Identify Key Areas to Improve New Global Water Stewardship System

Sep 28th, 2017 |

EWP and AWS were joined by stakeholders from both systems to hear their input on the best path forward towards alignment. A number of key areas were identified where improvement will need to be made in the new standard and its surrounding certification system, for publication at the end of 2018. One important emerging topic from the discussion during the workshop was the need for better tools, guidance and support to help water stewards engage with their stakeholders in the surrounding catchment which is the crux of water stewardship. Stakeholders also identified the need for a new and improved indicator for adressing water in the supply chain, an equally important element and  for some water users a difficult one to tackle.

The conversation also centered around the need to incorporate learnings from EWS implementation and Europe-specific references and applications into a regional specific Guideline for the new global system. The EWS Secretariat will work together with the SDC going forward in 2018 to refine this guideance along the basis of the step-wise approach of the International Water Stewardship standard.

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