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Brewers and Maltsters Engage in Water Stewardship

Sep 6th, 2017 |

Without exception, all brewers and maltsters are passionate about water. Under water stewardship framework, breweries commit to using water resources sustainably in both their supply chains as well as at their breweries.

Water stewardship principles were well received at the 2017 yearly convention of Euromalt, trade association representing the malting industry in the European Union. EWS has been recognised as useful framework that brewers and malsters can use to understand and manage their water risk exposure, address catchment challenges and collaborate with communities, governments and other businesses to address water scarcity, pollution, ecosystem services and water governance.

In addition, leading breweries like MillerCoors, have announced their water stewardship commitment to International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS). This autumn, following a successful EWS pre-screening in July, yet another large international brewery is expected to present their water stewardship achievements on sustainable water sourcing and use.

See the Water Stewardship for Breweries Fact Sheet to learn more about the water risks and opportunities for breweries.

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