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EWS Can Support Cities’ Commitment to Urban Water Agenda

Jun 30th, 2017 |

Cities have been widely recognized as important water stewards, with the capacity and ability to create incentives for a wide range of stakeholders to improve their water management. The Urban Water Agenda 2030 (UWA2030) is the newest element of the European Union’s ambitious water policy, which aims to establish a network of cities striving for excellence in urban water management. The draft strategy of the UWA2030 recommends that cities commit, implement and report action in five areas: at local level, with other cities, at river basin level, at EU level and in a global context. An online consultation is now open for stakeholders to provide input on the strategy.

Already 25 cities have engaged in developing the UWA2030 strategy.As part the commitment to implement action at local level, the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands has taken the first step to implement the EWS standard to help develop an action plan on sustainable urban water management and identify opportunities for collaborative action. The EWS Secretariat is setting up a new Working Group on Urban Water Stewardship in order to oversee the pilot and elaborate the necessary guidelines for cities and urban areas who are aiming for water stewardship certification. The work of the new Working Group will be overseen by the EWS Standard Development Committee.

Interested in participating in the Working Group? Contact us to learn more.

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