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EWS Collaborates in the Elaboration of a Roadmap for National Water Stewardship

May 30th, 2017 |

EWP will work together with partner Central Solutions in new research funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research Programme 2014-2020, aims to develop a clear and comprehensive roadmap that supports a wide range of Irish stakeholders in taking a leadership position in the area of emerging Water Stewardship standards internationally; thus contributing to increased national competitiveness while also addressing global challenges and sustainable development goals such as greater water security.

The project builds on the initial work of a previous EPA-funded study (”European Water Stewardship Standards. An Investigation into the Opportunities for Ireland” [2015-W-SS-19]) and completes a more comprehensive engagement and analysis with stakeholders and potential project collaborators over an extended period of time with a view to the development of a thorough roadmap for National Water Stewardship across Industry and Agriculture in Ireland.

Two clear objectives of this research in terms of water stewardship are to: (i) Better understand the current landscape, stakeholders and water stewardship tools both nationally and internationally and then (ii) Determine an effective national roadmap to ensure an alignment of national resources and indicate how Irish stakeholders can achieve their water stewardship aims/goals/targets.

In terms of the research methodology to be used in this study, as a first step, relevant legislation, policy, frameworks, and Water Stewardship initiatives in Ireland will be reviewed. As a second step, a review of similar policies, demand incentives, initiatives, and any roadmaps across EU and globally will also be undertaken. These two activities will provide information regarding the current landscape and indicate where we are now in terms of a roadmap. The third step involves consultation and discussion with primarily a wide-range of Irish stakeholders (e.g. public bodies, industry & agriculture) regarding Water Stewardship and will also involve some consultation/discussion with other relevant international stakeholders. The final step will involve the development of a roadmap to guide Water Stewardship across industry and agriculture in Ireland in the years ahead.

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