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Water Stewardship in the City of Tomorrow 

Nov 30th, 2016 |

The event ‘Aspects of Smart and Sustainable Water Management in Urban areas’ in Budapest was part of a regional multi-stakeholder forum and network focusing on the challenges and best practices on urban water management emerging from the Central and Eastern European region. Alongside mayors from Ljubljana and Budapest, as well as planning officials from Bratislava, Bilbao and Warsaw, EWS Director Thomas Vereijken and KWR researcher Petra Katanova jointly presented EWS and water stewardship as an emerging framework helping shape the future of water management in cities. Several case studies were presented where EWS and City Blueprint methods were combined.

As any other water user, cities, towns and urban regions are facing risks but also enormous opportunities when it comes to water management. Innovative approches in communal water management will allow for the integreation and assessment of social, economic, environmental and spatial issues. With EWS as the backbone for a city’s water management, water-related risks are addressed by a continuos monitoring system and create a solid starting point to set targeted response strategies.

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