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Sustainable Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change in Spain

Nov 30th, 2016 |

EWS Program Manager Maria Valle joined other stakeholders active on water and agriculture, from the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of the Environment, the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development, and SEO Birdlife, in a workshop organized by Fundacion Alternativas on the subject of Sustainable Agriculture and Water Resources in Spain in the Context of Climate Change. EWS Standard was presented as a recognized framework to understand and manage water risks, improve on-farm and catchment water management and help farmers make better business decisions – particularly about long-term investments for example in irrigation equipment – while anticipating climate change impacts.

In addition, water stewardship encourages farmers to participate in collective action partnerships with policy makers and private sector partners as promoted and helped by the EWP’s CAPWaSA platform. There are numerous benefits from collective action partnerships between production sites and small-scale farmers working with each other and other water users in their river basin to assess and improve their water management. Water Stewardship allows farmers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable use of water at catchment level while anticipating the future economic and social robustness of the farm for the long term sustainability of their business in the context of climate change.

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