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Water Stewardship Practioners Exchange Learning and Advance the Uptake of Water Stewardship

Nov 30th, 2016 |

In November 2016 Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) convened water stewardship practitioners and promoters in Edinburgh for the first AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum. EWP, as the regional partner of the AWS, helped shape the Forum and acted as a link between the European and international stewardship network sharing knowledge and best practice.

Over 100 participants from more than 20 countries engaged in plenary and breakout sessions to discuss the evolution and impact of stewardship to date and debated the roles that stewardship actors and initiatives could play in advancing the shared objective of sustainable and equitable water use.

The Forum concluded that the water stewardship community has made great progress in 10 years and AWS Standard (including related European Water Stewardship system) are now widely recognized as a credible framework for site to catchment stewardship.

Water stewardship practitioners and promoters agreed that they have a central role to play in advancing the water stewardship debates, particularly in relation to water-related SDGs and committed to deepen engagement with the public sector at different levels, especially with the local government.

The AWS and EWS Standard review process should seek to make the Standard and system more accessible to smallholder farmers and SMEs and additional investment was needed in knowledge sharing platform so that information generated by stndard implementations can be adopted by other stewards, standard systems and sustainability sector actors.

Michael Spencer, AWS Chair, was awarded the inaugural AWS Water Stewardship Prize in recognition of the ten years he has spent guiding the organization.

It is planned that the Global Water Stewardship Forum will become an annual event of reference for the water stewardship community.

Read the full event report here.

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