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COP22 Highlights Water as Part of Climate Change Solution

Nov 28th, 2016 |

EWP participated in the Water Action Day, organized for the first time in the history of UN Climate Change Conferences providing stakeholders gathered in Marrakech for COP 22 an opportunity to spotlight water as part of solution to help implement the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Countries have identified water as a key to adaptation in 93% of their national climate action plans. In addition, water is critical for successful climate change mitigation, as many efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions depend on reliable access to water resources.

The Government of Morocco launched the ‘Blue Book on Water and Climate,’ which compiles recommendations from the international water community to support implementation of climate commitments. It proposes solutions related to adaptation and resilience through water management.

In addition, the three alliances for basins, megacities and businesses, created at COP21 in Paris, which today represent more than 450 organizations worldwide, signed a common commitment to mobilize jointly their partners, identify and disseminate good practices and support the development of new projects by actors on the ground such as a new Water Adaption Training Center, a Euro-Mediterranean information platform and other local catchment specific initiatives.
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