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Experts Discuss the Important Nature of Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change

Nov 21st, 2016 |

The Spanish Foundation, Fundación Alternativas, together with its Sustainability Panel is organizing an event on “Sustainale Agriculture and Water Resources in Spain in the context of climate change”.

The workshop will bring together EWP’s water stewardship expert, Maria Valle as well as other experts such as: Cristina Narbona, former Environment Minister and member of the Spanish Sustainable Development Network; Juergen Foecking, from the European Commission; María José Alonso, from the Spanish Climate Change Office; Ivanka Puigdueta, from the Center for Investigation and Study of Environmental and Agricultural Risks; and Roberto González, and SEO Birdlife.

Please note that this event is in Spanish.

Read more about the event and register here:

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