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Water Reuse Features in the European Commission and EU Ministers Agenda

Nov 2nd, 2016 |

The European Commission’s Work Program for 2017 includes action on promoting water re-use as part of its Circular Economy Action Plan. The European Commission considers putting forward a new legislative proposal on minimum quality requirements for reused water in agriculture and aquifer recharge. The European Commission plans  revision of the Directive on drinking water in 2017 as well.

The European Commission is currently consulting the stakeholders and citizens on their views with regard to the policy options to set minimum quality requirements for reused water in the European Union. The requirements are certain to be applied in the cases of water reused for irrigation and where reused water is used to recharge aquifers, but asked stakeholders to comment on whether this scope is sufficient. The consultation will be open until 27 January 2017.

The Council of the European Union reiterated similar messages on the topic of circular economy and the SDGs in their Conclusions on Sustainable Water Management, while also stressing the need to fully implement existing EU water policy to achieve its objectives. With the WFD review foreseen by the Commission in 2019, the Council pressed that the review should allow for continued implementation into 2027 and beyond.

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