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Europe One Step Closer to the New Water Agenda and Urban Water Agenda 2030

Nov 2nd, 2016 |

A new report by the EEA, Rivers and Lakes in European Cities, reveals that the quality of European urban rivers and lakes are seeing considerable progress due to upgrades in waste water treatment and restoration projects. The publication was timed excellently with the New Urban Agenda (NUA) adopted at the close of the most recent UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development  in Quito, Ecuador.UN-Habitat Executive

The statement that Europe’s urban waterways are on their way to recovery also has a close link to the Urban Water Agenda 2030, adopted earlier this year in the Netherlands, which identifies important water issues for European cities, sets objectives for 2030 and proposes concrete actions to achieve these objectives. Furthermore, both the NUA and the Urban Water Agenda 2030 have a close link to SDG 11, to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and  sustainable.

Executive Director of UN-Habitat Director, Joan Clos, affirmed that New Urban Agenda is an extension of the 2030 Agenda, encouraging governments to” use the NUA as an instrument for planning and policy development for sustainable urbanization”.
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