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First Utility Company on Water Stewardship Journey

Oct 28th, 2016 |

The water utility Kalundborg Forsyning is the newest partner to join companies committed to implement the EWS Standard, and the first within its sector. The municipally owned company has a wide range of services from supplying water to households and district heating, maintaining Kalundborg’s sewage system and providing water to some of the municipality’s largest companies. It is also an essential part of the Kalundborg Symbiosis which is one of the first industrial ecosystems; where the residual product of one enterprise is used by another as a primary resource, in a closed cycle.

Kalundborg Forsyning is committed to improving the region’s water supply reliability in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental needs. EWS Standard implementation will support the company in its goal to execute programs, projects and policies that ensure long-term water sustainability.

As a first step, EWS experts are working with the utility’s staff to perform an initial assessment of the site’s compliance with the EWS Standard. Compliance with EWS indicators is testimony of forward-thinking leadership when it comes to; protecting their water sources; protecting water quality and ecologically sensitive areas; engaging in collaboration and partnerships and securing energy efficiency.

After the initial meeting, EWS experts were very impressed with the site’s performance and high level of compliance with the EWS standard. As the initial report states “current activities, strategy and mind-set agree with the Water Stewardship framework and philosophy”. EWS Director Thomas Vereijken highlighted “the water stewardship community is happy to see the first water utility company to fully engage in the EWS process. We look forward to the knowledge share this collaboration will bring and we encourage other utilities to follow the steps of this front runner”.

The next phase in this collaboration will be gathering data and revising procedures to ensure all the requirements in the EWS standard are taken into account.

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