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Scoring Against EWS Indicators to Become Mandatory

Jun 23rd, 2016 |

EWS members took the decision during the 2016 Members’ Council meeting that the scoring of individual EWS indicators would become mandatory after a 12 month grace period, starting in Jun 2017. Current EWS certified production sites would use the scoring starting in their next initial audit.

The added layer of detail that scoring provides, will allow companies to not only benchmark various production sites against each other but also provide an overall view of how they are performing against others in their sector. This will foster improvement and knowledge share and will also provide useful data for EWS to assess the impacts of EWS implementation. It will also provide a powerful communication tool where the performance level of each individual site can be readily visualized.


During the 12 month grace period the application of the scoring will be voluntary, but with a strong recommendation for its use as a trial. Before making it mandatory, the EWS Secretariat will ensure that the guideline section on scoring is updated and it provides detailed information to what a 2 and a 4 scores mean in order to work for the consistency in scoring.

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