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EWS Multi-Site & Catchment Group Scheme Ready for Piloting

Jun 2nd, 2016 |

The EWS Multi-Site & Catchment Group (MS&CG) Scheme, developed to facilitate certification at multi-site and by a group of water users in a shared catchment, is now ready for piloting.

The scheme is based on organising individual production sites into structured groups and shifting responsibility in part from an external audit to internal inspections. In order to bring about this shift, the group must have an Internal Control System (ICS) in place that instils confidence that the individual group members are meeting the requirements of the EWS standard. At the same time, the ICS plays a vital role in supporting a learning process for the members that seek to improve their practices over time.

The MS&CG Scheme and guideline documents have been drafted by EWS Secretariat with input from external experts and EWS Approved Certification Bodies. The draft documents has gone through several revisions by the SDC and then subject to public consultation for 1 month, following ISEAL requirements.

During the second half of 2016 there will be several demonstration projects to test the scheme in practice and help improve and strengthen the system.

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