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EWS Takes the Lead in Defining Urban Water Stewardship

May 26th, 2016 |

Recognizing the growing interest from cities to implement the water stewardship concept, the EWS Secretariat has proposed a definition of Urban Water Stewardship on the based of the globally approved Water Stewardship definition.

In that sense Urban Water Stewards (UWS) are cities or urban areas that on the first place ensure a sustainable use of water meaning socially equitable (implement human right to good quality water and sanitation), environmentally sustainable (reduced or null negative impact in catchments) and economically beneficial (contribute to economic growth).

Moreover, a UWS has deep knowledge of its water use both in terms of quantity, timing of flows and quality, protects and enhances water-related valued areas, and promotes equitable water governance meaning it engages internally with citizens and other actors in the city (industry, service providers, universities, tourism sector, etc.) and externally via collective actions with others in the same catchment, it guarantees transparency in its water management, provides efficient water supply systems and secures climate change adaptation.

In effect, Urban Water Stewards are governed and managed in line with the four principles of water stewardship thus ensuring a robust, long-term water management strategy and action plan that creates resiliency against climate change and creates opportunities for jobs and growth. The definition and value proposition will be put forth to the EWS Members’ Council on the 31st of May during the annual Members’ Council meeting.

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