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EWP Launches New Platform for Collective Action Partnerships

Mar 24th, 2016 |

With five years of experience helping companies find their way along their water stewardship journey, EWP has seen time and time again where most water users activities end abruptly when it comes to engaging with others in their catchment to implement collective actions. Not only does it make business sense for water users to work together, but is one of the key ways to accelerate achieving the goals of the Water Framework Directive, by having a collective approach to water management at river basin level.

Responding to the need to replicate these river basin partnerships in Europe to address some of the clear challenges in reaching EU environmental objectives, EWP has set up the CAPWaSA platform to promote water stewardship via collective action partnerships in the agricultural sector. EWP has already begun to identify some of the best examples of river basin partnerships to get a better understanding for how they are set up and run as well as how they are evaluating the true impact of best management practices on water management. The platform will facilitate learning between existing partnerships of this kind while giving a voice to successful projects at Pan-European level.

You can, download a short information sheet on the platform here.

Back to back with this year’s World Water Day  and the Brussels-based Forum for Food and Agriculture on the 22nd of March, the Advisory Board of the platform met for the first time to advise on the Work Plan of the platform during its first year in run.

Currently, EWP is undertaking a broad stakeholder consultation to complete a European collective action partnership mapping. Have some experiences you’d like to share? Send us an email at:

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