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EWS Joins Other Sustainability Standards to Address ISEAL Codes

Jan 26th, 2016 |


Members of EWS Secretariat joined other sustainability standard managers on 25th January at an ISEAL delivered training in Amsterdam. The day centered around techniques for improving the impact of standards just like EWS, while improving their credibility and effectiveness and ensuring their uptake. The EWS standard which was developed in line with ISEAL codes for standard setting and its verification system in line with ISEAL’s assurance protocol is now working with the membership organization to ensure a robust Monitoring & Evaluation system for EWS to measure the impact of EWS certification.

Based on performance monitoring and data gathering from EWS certified sites, the EWS Secretariat will assess and measure the impact of EWS to date.

Further to this, EWS has looked to the ISEAL community to ensure that the group certification scheme, standard and guideline, which are currently being developed by members of the Standard Development Committee are in line with other similar sustainability schemes.

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