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Climate resilient agriculture in Mediterranean countries

Nov 30th, 2015 |

Introduction to LIFE CCA/GR/00389 AgroClimaWater Project

The new LIFE  project AgroClimaWater (LIFE CCA/GR/003989) is preparing the agricultural sector to adapt to climate change through the introduction of Water Management Adaptation Strategies (WMAS) in three Farmers’ Organizations (FORs). The EWS standard has been selected as the framework to develop these strategies and will be implemented on the group level to address variances of water management throughout the agricultural sector and as a tool to promote a systematic approach for climate change adaptation.

By capitalizing on the EWS standard’s 4th principle, LIFE Agroclimawater focuses on the achievement of Sustainable Water Management that will include efficient water consumption as well as governance practices. The WMAS strategy for each FOR involves:

1. Good Agricultural Practices at farm scale to enhance water efficiency and adaptability to climate change on the field

2. FORs’ governance actions to achieve equitable and transparent water governance to be implemented by the FORs

3. Floods and droughts action plan to ensure preparedness and response to environmental incidents caused by the imminent climate change

Except for the EWS standard implementation in agriculture, the implementation of good agricultural practices at farm scale to facilitate adaptation of local orchards under reduced or erratic water availability induced by the imminent climate change is of utmost importance for the project. Good agricultural practices will be applied for 3 years in three pilot river sub-basins, two in Crete, Greece (Meramvello and Platanias) and one in Italy (Metapontino). The proposed practices are of low cost and their contribution in increasing water use efficiency has already been proven scientifically. Finally, the Floods and droughts action plan included in the WMASs completes the project’s holistic approach towards agriculture’ s adaptation to climate change.

Partners: Spyridis A. – Koutalou V., G.P. HYETOS (coordinator – Greece), Hellenic Agricultural Organization “Demeter” – Institute for Olive Tree, Subtropical Plants and Viticulture and Soil and Water Resources Institute (Greece), RodaxAgro Ltd – Environment and Quality (Greece), University of Basilicata – Dipartmiento delle Culture Europee e del Mediterraneo (Italy), Agricultural Cooperative Partnership – Agricultural Cooperative Partnership Mirabello Union S.A. (Greece), Platanias Municipality Development Enterprise (Greece), Assofruit Italia – Societa Cooperativa Agricola (Italy).

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Spyridis A. – Koutalou V. G.P. “HYETOS”

Tel. +30 2310250601-3


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