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EWP and EWS Members Meet Discuss the Impact on Water Stewardship and the SDGs in Europe

Oct 29th, 2015 |

EWP’s annual General Assembly took place on 12th October 2015 in the IUCN offices where the EWP secretariat is now based. The meeting was organised back to back with the EWS Members’ Council and the stakeholder roundtable “Do the Sustainable Development Goals Present a Challenge for Europe, or not?”. The EWP Acting Chairman presented a new strategic approach for the EWP with focus on:

  • Building the urban and agriculture component of EWS to engage new sectors and SMEs;
  • Development of a new platform for sustainable agriculture and water – CAPWaSA;
  • EWP policy think-tank starting with the Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals and Water.

EWP plans to modify its governance structure with a new Board composition and a Strategy Council to define EWP membership and organization structure as well as the roll-out of a new work program with regard to the national water partnerships and other partners. A follow up General Assembly meeting is scheduled in parallel with the EIP Water event in Leeuwarden on February 9th.

The members of EWS approved the standard revision procedure proposed by the Standard Development Committee. The procedures can be found here. Members also discussed some key areas for revision in the upcoming revision cycle starting in 2016 and mandated the development of specific recommendations for EWS Approved CBs on minimum audit times for initial and surveillance EWS audits. EWS Secretariat also received a mandate to explore:

  • A High Level Water Stewardship Event to solidify commitment from CEOs to promote the use of EWS to implement SDG 6
  • Development of a solutions-oriented survey around EWS indicators to be piloted in key European river basins
  • Development of EWS IT and Benchmarking Tool
  • Finalization of the EWS Group Certification tool for agricultural water users

Members see that these actions will increase the visibility of the EWS program and bring a greater number of implementers into the EWS system.

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