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5 Million Invested in the Watershed versus New Technologies? Leaders in Business Share their Experience at the FT Water Summit

Oct 29th, 2015 |

The FT Water Summit in London on 27th October brought together wide representation from businesses with water playing a central role in their operations. Climate change, the importance of the new Sustainable Development Goal on water as well as investment opportunities were key themes throughout the day. Speakers all highlighted the need link these elements to establish a more collective action towards better water management. There were several excellent examples of how to develop long-lasting solutions and get the most out of investment via public-private partnerships, from wetland construction, education and awareness raising, working with farmers to ensure the best agricultural practices. Speakers and participants alike seemed to agree that there was an important role for government to play in setting a level playing field for this type of action and the hope expressed that SDGs would mobilize the right policies to drive this. Representatives from Diageo and Olam International captured the essence of how a water stewardship standard could support companies in ensuring the highest level of water management possible from decision-making on investments to understanding and managing both the risks and opportunities created by the shared use of water in a catchment.

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